Custom Metal Gutter Products

Specializes In Producing Unique Artisan Crafted Metal Products


Custom Metal Gutter Products

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Custom Gutter Products

Unique Artisan Crafted Metal Products
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Custom Metal Gutter Products

It Is Our Belief

We believe a Rainwear System should function to self clean with minimal maintenance.

Gutter Sentry is the first line of defense, allowing rainwater in, keeping leaves and debris out.

Funnels, Wide Mouth Fast Flow, the second line of defense. Rainwater flows like a river without a log jamb and flushes into an abyss, cascading through the downpipes.

Drain Guards, are the final defense, considered The Teams Goalie. The job of a Drain Guard, filters leaves and debris flushed down from above.

Why climb a ladder to clean gutters? From the safety and convenience of the ground just simply empty the Drain Guard.

Underground Drain Tiles

Safeguard from clogging

Leaves and debris from an unprotected Rainwear System over time will clog drain tiles.

The expense for a service to unclog drain tiles only once, will pay the small cost of installing our products as preventative safeguards. Don’t spare the small cost up front for an ugly expense later.

Tell your Gutter Contractor to install Gutter Sentry, Funnels, and Drain Guards in your Rainwear System and have them do it right the first time.


Artisan Crafted Metal Products

Gutter Sentry stands strong and on guard!

Gutter Sentry

Continuous Hanger and Cover in One

Gutter Sentry can be installed on new gutter rainwear systems or existing rainwear systems.

Custom Metal Gutter Products has a Gutter Sentry product designed for both applications.
Gutter Sentry Continuous Hanger for New Install and Gutter Sentry Retrofit for existing gutters.

The unique patented design of Gutter Sentry turns your gutter into a complete engineered box design. This engineered box design leverages the circumference of the gutter against the fascia board or rafters, providing unequaled strength against bending, twisting or crushing. Gutter Sentry is the perfect product strengthening gutters against heavy ice and snow loads. Amazing strength even under the steep slopes of metal roofs without snow guards.

V5-Eavestrough Rainwear System 

New Innovative Products

It’s been years since the Gutter Industry has seen anything new and refreshing. Introducing the
patented design of the V5-Eavstrough Rainwear System.

A V-shaped gutter, roll formed from 11.875” coil stock has an elegant appearance on the home or building adding a beautiful trim, augmenting other home features.

By design the V-shape forces water to flow to the lowest point where debris cannot deposit.
The patented V-shape designed eavestrough is literally self cleaning. The flow of rainwater will flush towards the large “Face Mount Outlet”, cascading the rainwater through the downpipes to the ground. V5-Eavestrough Rainwear System, complete with all accessories inclusive of either 3” Round Downpipe or 3×4 Downpipe and all accessories.

V5 Eavestrough is DIY friendly, installing easily with the typical tools of a handy man.

Manufactured in heavy gauged metals, the V5-Eavestrough will be available in unique colours including several shades of “Wood Grain” and various colours in “Metallic”.

We consider the V5-Eavestrough Rainwear System to be
the “Pinnacle Product” of Custom Metal Gutter Products.



Custom Metal Gutter Products

Artisan Crafted Metal Products / For a complete Rainwear System
Flowing through Gutter Sentry, like a River without a Log Jamb
Flushing into Funnels / Filtered through a Drain Guard
Fresh from Roof to Ground / Fast Clean Flowing Rainwater.