How do I become a Custom Metal Gutter Products Distributor?

Just go to this link (Distribution Application Form) and fill out the form. We will then review you application and get back to as soon as possible.

Instructional application of a Sentry onto 5K Gutter (VIDEO)

Learn how to install a football style Gutter Sentry, Continuous Hanger and Cover in one. Custom Metal Gutter Products 6187 Scott Road Duncan B.C. Canada 778-422-3556

How Long Does It Take To Process My Order?

All existing accounts on an invoice are Net 30 unless otherwise discussed. All late invoices will be subject to a 2% interest charge per month.

All New accounts will be billed via email once shipping is calculated, Pre-paid via credit card or when check/money order is received, at which time the product will be shipped. After credit is established, new customers may request being put on an invoiced account.

All individual or non company purchases will be billed via email once shipping is calculated, product will be shipped once payment has been received by credit card, check or money order.

All orders take up to 10 business days for processing and handling from time of order and dependent on current inventory. Some specialty order items may take up to 3 weeks for manufacture before shipping. You will be notified on your order confirmation about processing time.

What Type Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Cheques, Money Orders and Bank e-transfers.

What Is Your Return Policy?

All returns of Product(s) must be handled within 7 days of receipt of product. We only accept returns on damaged product(s) due to shipping.

Please confirm your order before finalizing purchase.

How Often Do You Ship Products To The USA?

We ship once per week to the United States, we handle the customs clearance and transport to our shipping depot – Each individual Box of product is charged a $3 handling fee which will be in addition to UPS shipping charges. Doing this ourselves saves you the large expense and delay’s of cross border shipping. Everything in the US ships via UPS from Sumas Washington. All orders received on or before Tuesday at 1pm will ship out on Thursday of that same week.

The only time of the year you can expect delays of up to 2 weeks are around the US holiday of Thanksgiving and Christmas, or for special orders, Some items in certain colors are considered special orders and manufacture can take up to 10 days from point of order and will ship the closest Thursday upon completion, unless otherwise discussed with purchasing.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or concern with the products/colors you are ordering.

If you have your own preferred method of shipping please contact us and let us know with your order.