3″×4″ PipeGuard Water Saver

The Water saver is our newest product in the Drainguard/Pipeguard line. More and more homeowners are looking for methods of saving rainwater for uses around the home.

The water saver allows for easy water filtration and collection in a rain barrel or other accessory. The water saver is available in all standard Englert colours and white/black/brown/commercial brown in Kaycan colours. You should be able to closely match almost any customers downpipe on their home.

The water saver’s unique design allows for easy semi filtered water collection (not for drinking) and never worry about overflow. Once the rain collector is full, simply shut off the fill valve on the front of the water saver and the water will continue to flow through your downpipe and perimeter drain.



Drainguard products provides you with many additional accessories for the home owner. Water Savers, a combination drainguard with water diverter that allows you to easily fill rain barrels with filtered rain water.
This item will ship within 10 days