#02 – Crown Gutter Guard, Retrofit for Existing Gutters

Crown Gutter Guard Fact Sheet 2020

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Crown Gutter Guard

  • Designed for retrofit to new or existing gutters
  • “Easy Snap-in” installation
  • High performing perforation count handles heavy rainfall
  • Curved design slows rain and allows air to dry large deciduous leaves
  • Leaves and other debris will not accumulate in the gutters, easily blowing away.
  • The perforation system gives unequaled drainage, the 1/8” perforations are condensed to 20 perforations per square inch.
  • This allows the highest water drainage possible, able to drain more than 4 times the heaviest precipitations worldwide.

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– 30 pieces per carton
– 7 foot lengths x 30 pieces = 210 lineal feet per carton
– Available for 5” & 6” Gutters