Removed – Inside Mitered Corner – Heavy Overshoot

Designed specifically for the Leafguard gutter system. As we know roof valley’s are an endless problem in water management. Our various types of valley drains help slow the water enough for the Leafguard cover to work as intended and blend seamlessly with the look of the Leafguard gutter. We also make inside corner overshoot protection for where valley’s occur on an inside corner with excessive water flow.



One of the key important factors in installing Leafguard gutter is the overflow caused by steep roof pitches and valleys. This is a known problem with any gutter and we have the solution for the Leafguard gutter itself. In order to maintain the water adhesion principle of a reverse curve you need water to flow at a reasonable rate. Our Inline Valley diverter products are available for straight runs and inside corners where this occurs. We manufacture 2 types for the straight run, the regular inline valley drain – for when the pitch of the roof is so steep you need to slow it down more than normal.

We also manufacture 2 types of Valley protection for the inside corner. One is a complete corner replacement enlarging the area covered so it can handle almost anything the weather can throw at it. The other is an adapter that fits into existing corners to slow down the excessive water flow.

All these products are available in Englert colors to match with existing Leafguard gutters.