#09 – Funnels, Wide Mouth Fast Flow


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Funnels, Wide Mouth Fast Flow

  • Like a river without a log jam, let the water and debris flow from the gutter
  • Easy to install – cut a big hole and let everything flow into the downpipe.
  • Install Drain Guards lower on the downpipe and catch all leaves and debris.
  • If no underground drain tiles, let the leaves and debris flow out on the ground.
  • Easier to pick up on the ground than from a ladder on the roof
  • Keeps the underground drain tiles clear and clean from a clogging mess.

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– 5K Gutter
– 6K Gutter
– 7K Gutter
– Fascia Gutters


– 2×3
– 2-58” Sq
– 3×3 Sq
– 3” Round
– 3×4
– 4×5


– Smooth
– Textured
– Baked Enamel
– Available in 14 colors